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Isrcsubmit for MusicBrainz

(Linux / Windows / Mac OS X) by JonnyJD

A script to submit ISRCs from disc to MusicBrainz.

Available Downloads

(core script)

This is the core script and mainly intended for Linux users. The additional libraries can be installed with the package manager of your distribution or manually.

(script + libdiscid + python-discid + python-musicbrainzngs + mediatools + .bat)

This is the package for Windows users. There is a precompiled discid.dll, python-discid, python-musicbrainzngs and mediatools.exe included. It also includes a batchfile to start iscrsubmit in a terminal. Mediatools is the preferred backend on windows since it has a nice algorithm to make sure the ISRCs are attached to the correct tracks. :

(script + libdiscid + python-discid + python-musicbrainzngs + .sh)

These are packages for Mac OS X users. It is more difficult to get libdiscid precompiled for Mac and less Mac users have Xcode installed to compile it themselves. Therefore the Mac Packages include a precompiled universal (intel32/64/ppc) libdiscid.0.dylib. An is included to start with the correct python binary.

isrcsubmit-2.1.0.tar.gz :

(official tarball; complete source download as on github)

This is the official release version. This is basically the same as downloading the tag in github. There might be minor packaging differences and the folder name is different. A and all script from the other packages are included.

Isrcsubmit 1:

Isrcsubmit 1 doesn't need python-discid or python-musicbrainzngs, but uses python-musicbrainz2. Libidiscid is still needed. Isrcsubit 1 only works with Python 2.